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Writing practice made simple

1) Set writing tasks for learners
2) Receive their work, already marked
3) Add your feedback and grade
4) Get task, learner and class reports
5) Save time and watch your learners improve

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Set, mark and manage writing practice.
It's fast, effective and easy.

A Write & Improve subscription helps you set, mark and manage writing tasks faster and more effectively.

Because learners get an initial grade and feedback in seconds, they are encouraged to improve their answers before submitting their final version to you.

With detailed progress reports for your whole class, you'll see just how fast your learners are writing and improving.

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Receive learners' work, already marked

Write & Improve makes your job easier. When you receive learners' work, it will already have an initial grade. It also shows the parts of their work that could be improved. So adding your comments and final grade is faster and easier.

Better work from more engaged learners

Write & Improve encourages learners to write better work. As soon as they finish writing, they receive an initial grade. With Write & Improve they've got a chance to improve their work straightaway, before submitting their final version to you.

250+ tasks, plus your own

Write & Improve comes with more than 250 tasks (including ones for IELTS and B2 First), which are ready for you to use. Or set your own writing tasks.

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